College Essay Examples You Just Need to See

Before you start writing your masterpiece, you will most certainly want to check what other students have created. It’s just the way our brain works, we often need to compare our achievements to someone else’s. Furthermore, you might want to borrow some of the effective introduction techniques or use a similar style.

College Essay Examples You Just Need to See

There is nothing strange about that. Every form of art is based on something that has already been created. A true artist simply elevates it to the next level. If you are not sure what to write in your application essay, here is a collection of great literary pieces you might want to look at. Essay writing service banner

From Common to Exquisite

To create something outstanding, you need to know what are some of the common app college essay examples look like. Here are two examples that can be considered to be successful attempts of the applicants to impress the committee.

College Essay Examples pdf
College Essay Examples pdf

In Case You Want to Go to Harvard

They often say that you need to learn from the best to succeed at what you do. Therefore, it is logical to have a glimpse at the application essays from Harvard. Without a doubt, you can learn a lot from these two literary pieces.

College Essay Examples pdf
College Essay Examples pdf

How to Write Honors College Essay 

If you have good grades and are eligible to apply for an honors program, you have to try your luck. Even though you are going to compete with the brightest minds, you have good chances of reaching the goal if you believe in yourself. Also, analyzing these honors college essay examples will not hurt. Remember that you will have to go the extra mile to get accepted.

College Essay Examples pdf
College Essay Examples pdf

Sun Is Always Shining in… California

In case you are considering the University of California to become your Alma Mater, you should learn all the requirements to the application essays there. The key point here is to demonstrate to the committee that you have a unique personality and describe your shining features to them. We’ve picked two great college essay examples UC for you to get an idea of what you might write in yours.

College Essay Examples pdf
College Essay Examples pdf

What Should You Write About Yourself?

This might be one of the most difficult topics because students often have little understanding of what they can write about themselves. It might be challenging to find the balance between staying objective and making sure you mention all the positive character features that are important for a student. Here are some examples for you to consider. 

College Essay Examples pdf
College Essay Examples pdf

Overcoming Challenges

It is in some way ironic that you need to overcome the challenges of writing a stellar essay by describing the situations in your life when you had to overcome challenges. Nevertheless, many applicants find it difficult to emphasize the significance of the situations they described and the role they played in terms of their personal growth. Here are some examples for you to get the inspiration that you might lack.

College Essay Examples pdf
College Essay Examples pdf

Do You Have Anything to Say About Art?

Creativity is still one of the key features that almost all educational institutions are interested in when it comes to the application process. The challenge here is not only to write on the topics correlated with art but also to demonstrate your creative skills. If you are at a loss and don’t know what to write, look through these art college essay examples.

College Essay Examples pdf
College Essay Examples pdf

Nothing Personal

What will your personal statement be about? What personal details should you include in your literary piece? To answer these questions, you will have to analyze the things you want the committee to learn about you as a personality. They have already seen your grades. It is time to show them the kind of person you are.



Challenges of Writing a Narrative Essay

Even if you are an expert at writing narratives, coping with the application one can be a real puzzle. Many applicants get confused by the requirements of the specific school they want to get in and the topic of their work. We suggest you take a deep breath out and read these great narrative college essay examples.



Let Me Tell You a Joke

Is it appropriate to include an anecdote in your application essay? Everything depends on the type of anecdote and its relevance to the main idea of your writing. In a nutshell, an anecdote is a true short story that took place in your life. You can include it in your masterpiece but make sure you find the right place to do it. After all, you need to demonstrate your uniqueness and creativity. 



Why This School?

Without a doubt, you will have to do a research study to answer this question. Let the admission committee know what are the reasons for you to choose this particular institution. Do they have any unique facilities? Are your mother or father this university’s alumni and you are willing to continue a family tradition? It is crucial to support your honest desire to get to this school with some factual information. Here are some of the options for how to do it.



Unique Essay About Your Uniqueness

What are the features that make you so special? What do you have that other applicants do not? In this piece, you need to underline all the unique characteristics and skills that you have. You should not only name those but also include a description of a situation or event that supports your claims. Choose the things you are going to write about wisely to sound natural. The committee has a good sense in terms of artificial stories.



Description of Your Personal Improvement

Describe a situation or several events that changed you, that made you become a better person. You need to think about some transformative events in your life that had a major impact on your personal growth. These are the essays that won the hearts of the admission committee members in the past.



Just 500 Words

Can you tell a memorable story about yourself using just 500 words? It is a difficult task but we are sure you can do it. Here are some college application essay examples 500 words for you to get an idea of what you can do. The key point here is to calm down and believe in yourself.



In Case You Need Assistance

Now that you’ve looked through all of those great essay examples, you should have an understanding of what to write about in yours. However, you might still have plenty of doubts and unanswered questions. If you are willing to cooperate with a qualified writer to create an outstanding application essay, our company is at your service. We work without breaks to make sure our clients can get timely assistance whenever they experience writing difficulties. 

It will not take you long to fill out an order form and hire one of our talented experts. Your assistant is going to have broad experience in writing application essays. If you want to get a perfectly composed essay sample on your specific topic, this is the right place to order it. Our company has a long history. It is a reliable place for you to get assistance from the brightest minds.

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  1. The ‘I Shot My Brother’ essay example is over 1000 words long. How could this have been submitted as a Common App prompt answer, when the word limit is 650?

  2. i really dont have anything unique about my life is really average and not so bothersome yeah i had slumps but i just see them know as irritating i love to write but in a specific topic not appropriate i really want to write something good but really have nothing to offer . any ideas?

  3. When someone asks you, “What made you who you are?” You would say something like your degree, or your greatest accomplishment, but that’s not true. You are who you are because of all the bad places you pulled yourself out of, we do not like to voice that. Everyone always wants to push the bad things underneath the rug. If it is truly our obstacles that push us to success, why are so afraid to admit we have them?

  4. COLLEGE ESSAY TIPS 1. Imagine how the person reading your essay will feel. 2. Write like a journalist. 3. Don’t read the Common Application prompts. 4. Show your emotions. 5. Revise often and early.

  5. Hey, I’m going into college soon and I have to write my essay. My gpa is pretty average so I want my essay to be somewhat grasping. I’m having trouble on how to form sentences, if you do that kind of help please lmk.

  6. It’s okay to add a poem to your essay, but it’s important to make sure that the poem is relevant to the topic you’re discussing. You can also talk about two or three events in your life, and how they’ve changed your perspective on life.

  7. Taking a moment to give my token of appreciation :D, Reading it was all so worth, thank you so much team.

  8. Would you say all of these essays are what a typical student at top schools would submit?

  9. It’s not necessary to have fancy extracurriculars or majors to get into college – normal people with normal lives can be just as successful. The admissions officers are looking for students who are willing to learn and contribute to the community.

  10. Hey, I’m going into college soon and I have to write my essay. My gpa is pretty average so I want my essay to be somewhat grasping. I’m having trouble on how to form sentences, if you do that kind of

  11. I don’t get how most of these are greater than 650 words, yet can answer common app prompts. Sure they’re great essays, but there’s a word limit that would not make them as detailed or descriptive as shown here.

  12. We wouldn’t be able to tell you yes or no if that’s an okay way to start your essay, since it’s your essay! The best thing you can do is write the essay and see how it all fits together, then decide.

  13. One option is to write about a time when you didn’t feel like you belonged, and how you overcame that feeling. You can also write about a time when you were challenged, and how you responded

  14. I’m having a lot of trouble coming up with a good topic for my college essay. Do you have any suggestions?

  15. A lot of the essays I checked are below 650 words – which ones specifically are you concerned about?

  16. It’s okay to write about an ordinary topic like working with horses – as long as you can explain how it’s helped you grow as a person. You can spice up your essay by talking about how your experience has shaped your perspective on life.

  17. I’m struggling to find a unique topic to write about for my college essay. Do you have any suggestions?

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