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You work hard to write an essay or any other kind of paper, but once you finish, you aren’t certain if it’s any good. is an online service which can help you achieve perfection through proofreading and editing. The job is done by a professional who can help you make improvements. The big question is whether you can derive a genuine benefit from this service when it comes to your academic performance. Read this objective review to find out.

What’s Offered?

In the core of the kibin service is proofreading. The editor will read your essay and correct errors that you’ve made. These include grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. Needless to say, the first two tend to be fairly common, especially when students write in a hurry. You can expect the corrections to be tracked so that you can easily make a comparison with the original.

You should keep in mind that the service provides feedback too. You will get comments on the clarity of the way in which you express yourself, on how well you build your sentences and paragraphs and on how well you develop your idea throughout the entire piece. This is truly valuable when it comes to improving your writing. It is also a factor which makes the editing service stand out and this is worth highlighting in this review.

The service covers practically all types of papers and not only essays. You can have even your lab report proofread if your science teacher is particular about language use. The service could be particularly helpful when it comes to perfecting your admissions essays and personal statement.

The resources and tools available on the website deserve your attention too. There is an essay library with over 500,000 samples which you can search to find inspiration. You can come up with ideas or with the ideal structure of your essay based on what you’ve read. Just keep in mind that copying is out of the question as each and every school has a strict policy regarding plagiarism. The website also offers a free thesis builder tool. It is designed for specific types of essays only, but it can help you a great deal and save you time and effort.

Is the Service Fast?

You can have your essay proofread and edited online at any time of the day or night with this professional service. You can easily submit it on their website. You can get your improved paper back within just 3 hours, if your essay is shorter than 1400 words. You should keep in mind, however, that the timeframe can be affected by the sheer volume of the piece. This is something which every review should mention.

Editor Evaluation

The quality of an editing service naturally depends on the knowledge, skill and experience of the people who provide it. The editors at are primarily native English speakers. Most of them come from the United States, but some could help with essays written by students attending schools in other English speaking countries given the language specifics which are unique to them.

All editors of the company undergo rigorous testing before they can work with student essays. The top ones have their profiles on the service provider’s website. On the profiles, you can find details on the expertise of the professionals, on the academic fields which they are best at and on their approach to the work which they do as a whole.

One of the great things which should be specifically noted in this review is that the times when each editor is usually available are presented on the profile. However, it is not possible to check samples of their individual work. You can readily request to hire a specific professional who has caught your attention, if you wish.

How about Pricing?

With this essay editing service, there are not fixed rates currently. You should not expect to find a price chart on their website. This is because the price which you will have to pay depends on the length of your essay and on how quickly you want it to be ready. The good news is that you can upload your paper and request a quote. This will help you to make up your mind easily.

Customer Support Assessment

While the editing service offered by kibin is available 24/7, this doesn’t apply to customer support. It is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. You can send them a message via their website or via email at any time, however, which offers some consolation. The company promises a response within 24 hours or less, but it’s not clear whether you can expect this over the weekend.

The Verdict

What’s the conclusion of this review? The service is of good quality overall, especially if you hire an experienced editor. You can expect reasonable pricing, short turnaround time and genuine help with improving your writing.

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