Is chemistry hard for a beginner?

A common question we get about all forms of chemistry involves its difficulty. Many people ask whether the subject in question represents something complex. Here, the answer is far from being simple. It depends on a large number of factors that require a very detailed review. In this regard, the following issues necessitate analysis: talent, persistence, and the presence of good learning resources. Let’s methodically break down all of the issues in question.

Is chemistry hard for a beginner?

Is chemistry hard for a beginner with talent?

If some people with authority in chemistry say that you’re very talented at it and you personally feel that you can advance far, then the answer to our question is neutral. 

  • Don’t expect an easy walk through the main issues of the subject. 
  • Still, your probability of success is likely to be higher than for other people. Here, we recommend you to focus on finding a great tutor. 
  • The question ‘is chemistry hard?’ will depend on your ability to obtain proper help capable of fulfilling your talent in one way or another.

Is chemistry hard for a persistent beginner?

Another type of people who are likely to learn chemistry includes individuals who don’t feature any specific talents but have one very important quality, dedication. We know many individuals who, to fulfill their dreams of entering the medical fields, for example, managed to significantly improve in terms of chemistry despite finding it to be hard and confusing. Obviously, for this type of individuals, the answer to your question is positive. It won’t be an easy walk to learn chemistry if you don’t have an immediate affinity for the subject. Regrettably, chemistry is one of the most difficult STEM fields that will require a very advanced knowledge of not only the subject in question but also many aspects of mathematics and physics. In this case, you will have to storm the hallways of science in a long and arduous battle. Still, don’t despair. Many people who answer that chemistry is hard while faced with the aforementioned question nonetheless somehow manage to make massive achievements in it and even win Nobel Prizes.

Is chemistry hard if you have proper assistance?

The worst thing you can do while learning chemistry is trying to do so alone. Ultimately, you need some tutor or at least an expert who’ll be able to comment on the actions you take while trying to learn chemistry. In this regard, we recommend trying a student help service named EssayHave. It will give you a way to see how one should perform various chemistry assignments and prepare them in a professional manner. Finding a good school or a personal tutor is also a very strong option. Generally, our experience rather clearly shows that, regrettably, the majority of the persistent or talented students fail if they don’t have some form of a mentor who can point them towards large-scale errors. In this respect, one of the greatest problems undoubtedly concerns mistakes. People can solidify many of their problems if they try to study without a clear plan developed by a great mentor.

Still, a good mentor is not sufficient. Ultimately, we can say that the answer to the question “is chemistry hard?” can be negative solely for individuals who manage to combine all of the aforementioned aspects in one case. You need to have great talent, tremendous persistence and outstanding mentors to truly learn chemistry fast and without large-scale problems.

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