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Objective Review – Can You Expect a Great Custom Essay?

It isn’t easy to write an essay – you have to do research in some cases, come up with original ideas, create a logical outline and write in the style which is required for your academic level. If you find this type of homework assignment challenging and/or you have little time to do it, you can receive help from This online service specializes in custom essay writing, as its name suggests. The question is whether you can trust it when it comes to completing your next homework assignment. Use this review to find out.

What Is Offered

This is an online custom writing service for essays only. It is perhaps the most diverse when it comes to this particular literary genre as you can choose from dozens of different types of essays including admission ones. You can also have a case study or a research paper written for you. It is safe to assume that the company’s writers can handle most types of written homework assignments.

The online service works in a very simple way. You get to submit an order with all the details of the assignment and then it is given to a professional who writes the essay for you. It is important to note that just like with most custom writing services available on the web, you cannot choose a writer. A professional will be assigned to your order based on the academic discipline and level which it is for.

This company has an urgent delivery option. You can have your original essay delivered to you in just 12 hours. The other options are 1, 2, 4, 7 and 10 days. When you receive the piece, you will be able to read it and request a revision if something’s not right.

One thing which makes this service stand out and should be mentioned in this review is that its website features a variety of free resources. You can read a wide variety of essay examples and browse essay questions and topics. These are excellent sources of inspiration and could help you do a great job. The website offers a guide to creating an essay outline plus a chart with all of the major formatting styles. These are also quite valuable.

Who the Service Is for

Students in high school, college and university can take advantage of this custom essay writing service. It covers all major academic disciplines. You can get an essay in literature, history, economics, health, art, philosophy or business, for example. The service is suitable for students with all kinds of difficulties when it comes to essay writing including time constraints.

Writers and Essay Quality

There is no detailed information about the company’s writers on the official website of the service and this is something worth emphasizing on in this review. Ideally, they should be specialists in one or more academic disciplines and have excellent command of English. When it comes to academic writing, the grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure must be perfect. The research and analysis must have depth corresponding to the academic level of the student.

The best way to assess the skills and knowledge of a writer is to check samples of essays that she has written before. This service’s website offers plenty of examples, as mentioned earlier, but it is not clear if they come from the company’s writers. In general, when evaluating a sample, you should pay close attention to the style of the writing such as the types of expressions and terms used. You should also assess how clear and concise the writing is. You would not want one idea and/or phrase to be repeated in several consecutive sentences. Evaluate the number of sources used and their quality too.

Are the Rates Competitive?

You should note that charges rates per page with each page containing around 250 words while most of its competitors base their prices on a single page with 275 words. With that being said, their rates are fairly competitive, especially given the fact that they depend only on urgency and not on academic level. The title page and bibliography are included in the package for free. Another thing worth noting is that currently, there are no discounts or loyalty programs advertised on the company’s website.

Customer Service Dependability

There is only one way in which you can contact this provider of essay writing services – by filling out a form on the company’s site. There is no mention of an email address or telephone number for direct contact. The good news is that the questions asked via the online form are answered within one hour, according to the company. This means that you can expect to get quick assistance around the clock.


This review has found that the service provider can deliver custom essays of good quality if a qualified writer is assigned to every order. The competitive rates and the resources available for free are its major advantages.

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  1. I ordered 2 essays here with an interval of 2 months. The first one was very nice, the second had a lot of drawbacks so I asked for revision. It all depends on the writer you get I guess.

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